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Infrared Par 38 175w Ruby
Infrared 250w ES Ruby
Infrared 500w 221mm R7s Clear
Infrared 500w 220mm R7s D/Jacket
Infrared 500w 216mm Leads Single Jacket
Infrared 500w 118mm R7s Ruby Single Jacket
Infrared 500w 118m R7s Double Jacket
Infrared 375w ES Clear
Infrared 300w ES Clear
Infrared 300w 220mm R7s Jacketed
Infrared 300w 216mm DJ With Leads & Forks
Infrared 300w 118mm R7s Slim
Infrared 300w 118mm R7s Double Jacket
250w BC Heatlamp HG
Infrared 2000w 354mm Gold Slim Leads
Infrared 200w 118mm  R7s Jacketed
Infrared 150w ES Ruby
Infrared 150w ES Clear
Infrared 1500w R7s Slim
Infrared 1500w R7s 348mm Ruby
Infrared 1400w R7s Ruby Slin
Infrared 1300w 254mm R7s Gold

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